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Allergy Test - SELFCheck

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More of us than ever before suffer from allergies, be that to pollen, dust or other triggers. Unfortunately, many of us live with the unpleasant symptoms of allergies for years, unaware of the causes. If you find yourself suffering from bouts of sneezing, coughs, a sore throat or runny nose on a regular basis then it may well be the result of an allergy.

Results from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Assessing whether you suffer from allergies hasn’t always been easy - until now. This allergy home test kit from SELFCheck is a quick and effective way to measure allergic reactions, all from the comfort of your own home.

The kit contains everything you need, apart from a watch to monitor the processing time. Just as importantly, every element is safe to dispose of afterwards in your normal household waste. 

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The Science Behind the Test 

This allergy home test kit measures levels of immunoglobulin in the body. Sometimes shortened to IgE for ease, immunoglobulin is released by the body in response to what it sees as a threat. Raised levels of IgE therefore suggest an allergic reaction may have occurred recently. 

Interestingly, levels of IgE remain high in the blood even once the initial reaction has receded. As a result, this test can be used safely and effectively even if you’re not suffering from potential allergy symptoms at the time of testing. 

What Next?

A positive result with the Allergy Test suggests that you may indeed be unfortunate enough to suffer from one or more allergies. What it won’t do, however, is isolate the specific elements you’re allergic to. The next step after a positive result should therefore be to consult your healthcare professional, so they can carry out additional tests to identify these causes.

Armed with this knowledge you’ll be perfectly placed to address the issues, be that with lifestyle changes, behavioural modification or a range of supplements and medications which may improve symptoms.

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  • Checks for signs of allergic reaction
  • Simple home-based self-test
  • Reliable results in only 10 minutes
  • CE certified for peace of mind

Type of test: Finger prick

Number of tests per box: 1

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Allergy Test - SELFCheck
£18.99 £14.24