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New Pet Supplements Range, VitaPaws


At Simply Supplements, we understand just how important your pet’s health is to you. Pets are members of the family, lifelong companions, and best friends. Their health deserves just as much care and attention as your own. That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of our new pet care supplement range, VitaPaws

About VitaPaws™

At VitaPaws™ you can find a whole host of nutritional and dietary supplements to help support all different areas of your cats and dogs health. From fur and skincare, to joint and cognitive function, there’s something for every pet that may prove beneficial. Whether you feel like your dogs joints could use a helping hand, or you just want to make sure your cat is getting a constant supply of great quality nutrients; VitaPaws™ might be just what your pet needs.

Our expert team of professional nutrition experts have collaborated with animal nutritionist Lauren Samet to formulate a high-quality range of products that also takes the size and age of your pets into account, ensuring your cats and dogs receive special treatment that is suited and optimised to their health and specific requirements. We use the finest, high-quality ingredients that adhere to the regulations of the FSA, EFSA and FEDIAF to help guarantee your pet receives the best care possible.

VitaPaws™ supplements may come in two very distinct different capsule systems, designed to help further promote the digestive benefits of the ingredients contained within. Our soft gel capsules help to aid easier consumption and digestion, whereas the 2-piece sprinkle capsules can be taken as a capsule or be opened up and added to food and drink bowls as an alternative method of consumption. All of our products have been exclusively designed to be easily taken and incorporated into your pet’s diet without adding any unnecessary stress, struggle or discomfort, even if your pet is a fussy eater!

VitaPaws™ is not our first step into the pet supplement market. We used to stock and sell our illustrious SimplyPets range which, due to great success and high demand, we decided to expand into its own standalone, expansive brand for customers and their pets to enjoy.

VitaPaws™ products are available NOW from the official VitaPaws™ website. Head over there today and get your hands on our exciting new pet health supplements:

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