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Sophie's Supplement Review


Throughout my training for the London Marathon 2016 I was lucky enough to be supported by Simply Supplements the whole time. They did this: through sharing my video diaries and training plan, helping me to fundraise and holding charity food fairs at their offices and most importantly they provided me with a number of supplements to make sure I was fit and ready to go on race day.

When I first started running if I ran anything over around 5 miles I would suffer quite badly with stomach cramps and distress either during the run or afterwards. I found this to be a real problem and it definitely hindered my runs and made those longer distances hard to get in. It was something I had to get to the bottom of. I did quite a bit of research online and found that no one really had an answer for this, obvious solutions like monitoring any foods that might be causing this but in my situation I knew that food wasn't the problem. When I started talking with Simply Supplements they recommended "Pro Biotic Max". I started taking two of these tablets daily as recommended and they really did help me out. I took these tablets for months leading up-to the marathon and noticed my previous problem disappear. I was so relieved because this ultimately allowed me to run much more comfortably over longer distances and insured that I had no issues on race day too.

During my training my diet also changed quite dramatically meaning that I had to cut out some of the fattier foods I had been eating. I also took Conjugated Linoleic Acid - two tablets daily because of this. I thought it was important to do so with the fattier foods being reduced from my diet I was less likely to be accessing CLA through my meals. I had heard from other running friends of mine that this was a popular choice with them and has been known to support muscle building. I felt that this supplement supported the level of high intensity exercise that I was completing on such a regular basis.

When deciding to take on the marathon I was worried about injury and also about the aches and pains that would follow such a huge strain on my body. Again when speaking with the team at Simply Supplements they were able to suggest a couple of things I could take to support this. I started with Calcium & Magnesium and Glucosamine Sulphate right from the beginning of my training. I soon noticed how much quicker I recovered after my runs and the aches that followed those longer runs became much less of a problem. One thing all my friends and family noticed in London the day after the Marathon was the number of people hobbling around. I never really had that, my body recovered so quickly and I think the supplements definitely helped with that.

Following the marathon I will be continuing to take the supplements I have already been using and potentially looking to add something else. I did experience some discomfort in my lower back following the marathon so I will be turning to Simply Supplements again for help with that!

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