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Expert Q&A With Our Nutritionist Matt Durkin MSc

At Simply Supplements we offer all our customers the opportunity to receive professional, qualified and personalised advice from our qualified nutritionists. In this video Matt Durkin answers some of your most common health and nutrition questions. 

31st January 2018

The Smooth Guide to Staying Healthy on Holiday

Staying healthy on holiday can be easy, it's just all in the planning. Here is our smooth guide to staying healthy while on holiday, full of top tips to ensure you stick to a healthy diet and exercise balance.

4th July 2017

Our first ever company video

Established over a decade ago, we have grown to become an industry leader supplying customers all around the world with premium quality supplements. And now we are excited to introduce our first ever Simply Supplements company video. We have created this video to share our purpose and promise with our customers. We hope you enjoy our video and if you do have any questions simply contact us via telephone on 0800 988 0292 or via email at

Follow this link to find out more about Simply Supplements

14th October 2015

Best energy boosting foods

Nutritionist Alex Rood offers expert advice to boost and sustain energy levels with simple changes to exercise, sleep and hydration. She also shares her favourite high-energy snacks, with recipes for you to try at home.

1st April 2015

Introducing our qualified nutritionist - Alex

Meet the new Nutritionist Advisor at Simply Supplements, who will be providing expert-led videos to help you stay in the best possible health. In this video Alex talks about her philosophies on nutrition, health and dieting, and looks ahead to new developments taking place this year.

31st January 2015
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