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Digestion Supplements for Dogs

A dog’s digestive system breaks down the food they eat and facilitates the delivery of dietary components to where they are needed in their body. The degree of absorption of these nutrients depends on the condition of the digestive system, and VitaPawsTMdigestion supplements for dogs can help maintain your pet’s digestive health, supporting their all-round vitality.

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DigestiAid Plus for Dogs

4.9 1,755 Reviews

A potent combination of friendly probiotic bacteria, prebiotics to support healthy gut flora, and both fibre and digestive enzymes for normal digestive function. 

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Meet Lauren
Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren

Our Animal Nutritionist

In order to ensure that the formulations used in our products are consistent with the latest research, our team of nutrition experts worked closely with animal nutritionist, Lauren Samet.

 0800 988 0292

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