Men And Health

When it comes to seeking advice about health issues, men are still less likely than women to see their GP which can make early diagnosis and intervention tricky. Fortunately, many health issues that are specific to men, including those of the prostate, may be preventable with the right diet and lifestyle choices. Other common conditions include heart disease, impotence and testicular cancer, and it is essential to be aware of the warning signs and not put off seeking medical advice. Our experts look at the most common health issues faced by men, and provide straightforward diet, lifestyle and routine changes which can have a significant impact on health. Read on for the latest health tips for men.

Men and Midlife Crisis

In this article, we examine the concept of the male midlife crisis and discuss what a man can do to cope with this emotionally challenging...

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Atherosclerosis: A Man’s Worst Enemy

Atherosclerosis is more common in men, and they develop the condition at an earlier age. We look at what men can do to control their...

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L-Arginine Benefits for Men

We look at what the supplement L-arginine is and the various potential benefits it can have for men when combined with a healthy lifestyle...

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10 Best Foods for Prostate Health

If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate or prostatitis, try to incorporate these 10 foods for prostate health into your daily...

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