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Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is sometimes known as the “sunshine vitamin” because vitamin D is most commonly produced by your skin in response to sunshine.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) vitamin D is proven to contribute to the absorption and utilisation of both calcium and phosphorus, and therefore supports healthy bones and teeth. It has also been shown to contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Sadly, vitamin D levels in food can be famously low, while sunshine in the UK isn’t strong enough to permit vitamin D synthesis throughout much of the year. The Department of Health recommends that everyone should consider supplementation during the Autumn and Winter. For this reason many people opt to supplement their diet with vitamin D capsules or tablets.  

Read on for our full list of high quality, UK-manufactured vitamin D supplements.

7 products found

Vitamin D3 Tablets 2,000iu

4.8338870431894   602 Reviews
  • Exceeds the government’s recommended dosage
  • Bioavailable form of Vitamin D for maximised absorption rates
  • Perfect for the maintenance of a healthy Vitamin D status
  • Provides support for bones, muscles, teeth and the immune system
Price from

Vitamin D2 Tablets 2,000iu

4.8220502901354   517 Reviews
  • Premium quality Vitamin D source  for vegetarians and vegans
  • Essential vitamin for healthy bones and teeth
  • Contributes to the maintenance the immune system
  • Support for normal nerve and muscle function

Multivitamins A,B,C,D & E 100% NRV

4.8118644067797   590 Reviews
  • 100% of Nutrient Reference Values 
  • Provides Vitamins A to E
  • Versatile support
  • Perfect for health maintenance
Price from
£4.89 £4.65

Vitamin D3 Tablets 5,000iu

4.8267973856209   612 Reviews
  • Support for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth
  • Contributes to normal muscle function
  • May help reduce postural instability and muscle weakness
  • Promotes the proper functioning of the immune system 

Vitamin D Tablets 400iu

4.8217468805704   561 Reviews
  • For the maintenance of strong bones and teeth
  • Contributes to normal muscle and immune system function
  • Vegan-friendly vitamin D tablets
  • Provides the officially recommended dose of vitamin D

Vitamin D2 Tablets 5,000iu

4.8224852071006   507 Reviews
  • For healthy bones, teeth, and muscles
  • Supports a healthy immune system and general wellbeing
  • Vegan-friendly vitamin D tablets free from additives or preservatives
  • Lowest prices for high-quality supplements in the UK, guaranteed
£20.99 £12.59

Calcium 500mg & Vitamin D3 200iu Tablets

4.8121645796064   559 Reviews
  • Synergistic formulation
  • Provides support for bones and teeth
  • Contributes to normal muscle function
  • Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards
Price from

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