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Autumn Supplement Sale

Here at Simply Supplements, we make it our mission to provide a wide range of premium-quality supplements at the most affordable prices for our customers! This autumn, we’re giving you the chance to save even more money on a variety of our best-selling products!

In our Autumn Sale, you’ll find amazing discounts of up to 50% on selected products, as well as ‘buy one, get one free’ offers on many of our VitaPaws™ pet care supplements. 

That’s not all – below, you’ll find the full list of amazing discounts that are currently available, with free UK delivery available with every order! Take advantage of these limited-time discounts and save yourself some extra money in the run up to Christmas!

Simply scroll down to view the newest offers, but don’t hesitate – discounts this big won’t be around for long!

48 products found

Goji Berry Extract Tablets 2,000mg

4.845826687932   1,881 Reviews
  • Perfect for customers in need of super strong, premium goji berry supplements
  • Concentrated extract derived from a natural source
  • Foil-sealed blister packs to preserve quality and freshness
  • Suitable for vegetarian customers
£7.59 £3.80

Glucomannan Max

4.8364361702128   1,504 Reviews
  • For those who want to lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet
  • Provided in our exclusive EasyGest capsules 
  • Comprehensive and synergistic formula made in the UK
£13.39 £8.03

Organic Spirulina Capsules 500mg

4.843105320304   1,842 Reviews
  • High quality and natural spirulina supplement
  • Popularly chosen as part of a body cleansing regime
  • UK manufactured and suitable for vegetarians
  • Convenient, easy-to-swallow EasyGest capsules
£17.79 £12.45

Devil's Claw Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Tablets THR

4.850170261067   881 Reviews
  • For general aches and pains
  • Relief from backache and muscular pain
  • Based on traditional use only
£15.09 £10.56

Vitamin B5 Tablets 500mg

4.8441704035874   1,784 Reviews
  • For those who suffer from tiredness and fatigue
  • Natural energy production
  • Promotes healthy mental performance
  • Super strength formula
£16.99 £12.74

Valerian Complex Tablets

4.838417147568   1,213 Reviews
  • Advanced combination of 6 comprehensive ingredients
  • Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarian customers
  • Manufactured in the UK to strict GMP standards
  • Premium-grade, standardised ingredients in every tablet
£16.39 £9.83

Skin Care Plus

4.8399629972248   1,081 Reviews
  • Supports the maintenance of healthy looking skin
  • Provides protection against oxidative damage
  • Advanced formula based on synergy and clinical efficacy   
  • Convenient foil-sealed blister pack 
£15.49 £7.75

Echinacea Tablets 3,200mg

4.8481182795699   1,488 Reviews
  • High-strength echinacea supplement
  • Premier quality ingredients in every tablet
  • UK made at GMP approved facilities
Price from
£16.69 £15.02

Resveratrol Max 5,000mg with Grapeseed Extract

4.8349587396849   1,333 Reviews
  • Convenient source of resveratrol
  • With added grapeseed and green tea extract
  • Convenient blister packaging for on-the-go support
  • Manufactured in the UK
£17.39 £8.70

Slimmex - SimplyBest

4.8523985239852   813 Reviews
  • Incredibly strong natural  support
  • Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extract
  • Often paired with a healthy diet and exercise regime
  • Convenient, easy-to-swallow EasyGest capsules
£16.09 £9.65

Vitamin D3 Tablets 2,000iu

4.8444625407166   1,228 Reviews
  • Exceeds the government’s recommended dosage
  • Bioavailable form of Vitamin D for maximised absorption rates
  • Perfect for the maintenance of a healthy Vitamin D status
  • Provides support for bones, muscles, teeth and the immune system
£8.89 £7.11

Hyaluronic Acid Capsules 50mg

4.8404575556893   1,661 Reviews
  • For customers seeking every day support for active living
  • Popularly taken in conjunction with glucosamine
  • Convenient, easy-to-swallow EasyGest capsules
  • Manufactured in the UK at GMP approved facilities
£14.79 £8.87

Acai Berry Capsules 2,500mg

4.8474576271186   1,003 Reviews
  • Acai Berry 2,500mg
  • One of the strongest in the UK
  • 100% natural and pure  
  • High-quality freeze-dried extract
£9.59 £6.71

Lecithin Capsules 1,200mg

4.8342370255616   1,291 Reviews
  • Incredibly potent natural weight loss support supplement
  • Promotes healthy liver function and metabolism
  • One of the richest available sources of inositol and choline
  • High quality, exclusively sourced non-GMO soya bean extract 
£11.49 £10.34

Black Cohosh Menopause Relief Tablets THR

4.852534562212   868 Reviews
  • Powerful ingredients found in every tablet
  • Suitable for vegetarian customers
  • Traditional herbal remedy
£16.19 £14.57

Omega 3, 6 & 9 1,000mg

4.8479125248509   1,006 Reviews
  • Complete essential fatty acid supplement 
  • Contributes to heart health and normal circulation
  • Supports the health of the brain and eyes
  • Sustainably sourced from pristine waters 
£10.29 £7.20

Zinc Tablets 15mg

4.835396039604   1,616 Reviews
  • Contributes to normal fertility and reproduction
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair
  • Contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards
£6.79 £5.43

St John's Wort MoodBoost Tablets 250mg THR

4.837224383917   1,542 Reviews
  • For low mood and mild anxiety
  • Based on traditional use only 
  • MHRA approved product
£14.09 £12.68

Hair Skin Nails Plus

4.8329979879276   1,491 Reviews
  • A best-selling formula, with collagen & MSM
  • Added vitamin C to support the formation of collagen
  • EasyGest capsules for fast & efficient digestion
  • Made in the UK to strict GMP standards 
£14.89 £12.66

Ginger Tablets 12,000mg

4.8351231838282   1,583 Reviews
  • Incredibly powerful natural extract
  • Now available in convenient supplement form
  • Standardised ingredients for greater consistency and quality
£18.19 £16.37

HeartAce Plus - SimplyBest

4.8383458646617   1,596 Reviews
  • Provides comprehensive support
  • Proven to maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Advanced multi-ingredient  formula
  • Made in the UK to strict GMP standards
£25.39 £20.31

Prostamex Gold - SimplyBest

4.8470403352541   1,909 Reviews
  • Specially formulated to support men’s health
  • Synergistic multivitamin and mineral complex 
  • With added botanical extract and amino acids
  • SimplyBest™ premium-quality supplement
£19.09 £15.27

30 Day Detox & Colon Cleanse Plus

4.8398555087297   1,661 Reviews
  • Cleansing and digestive health support supplement
  • Contributes to general health and wellbeing
  • Convenient blister packs for on-the-go, daily support
  • Manufactured in the UK to strict GMP standards
£14.59 £10.21

BioGold Vitamin K Tablets 100mcg

4.8479763079961   1,013 Reviews
  • Supports the maintenance of healthy bones
  • Promotes normal blood clotting
  • Bioavailable vitamin K in the form of MK-7
  • Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards of quality
£13.19 £10.55

Probiotic Max Tablets

4.8334655035686   1,261 Reviews
  • Innovative probiotic formula for all customers
  • Over 1 billion good bacteria in every single tablet
  • Suitable for vegetarian customers
  • Manufactured in the UK to strict GMP standards
£16.59 £13.27

Heart - Fruit Flavour Plant Sterol Powder

4.85140562249   249 Reviews
  • Proven to lower cholesterol levels
  • Contributes to healthy heart function
  • Helps protect the body from oxidative damage
  • UK made at GMP approved facilities
£19.99 £15.99

Vitality - Multivitamin Powder

4.8477366255144   243 Reviews
  • Providing over 15 essential nutrients
  • Supports metabolism and psychological function
  • Helps maintain the health of bones, muscles and joints
  • For healthy hair, skin and nails
£14.99 £13.49

ProBio - Probiotic Powder Supplement

4.8050847457627   118 Reviews
  • Contributes to healthy digestion
  • Assists metabolism and blood sugar levels
  • Over 500 million ‘friendly’ bacteria in each stick
  • Tasty vanilla flavour
£11.99 £10.79

Bovine Collagen Powder with Vitamin C

4.8398576512456   281 Reviews
  • High-quality bovine collagen
  • With vitamin C for added benefit
  • Supports the body’s collagen formation
  • Promotes healthy skin, teeth and gums
£14.99 £13.49

Little Dragon Caffeine Energy Shots

4.8487179487179   390 Reviews
  • 180mg of caffeine per shot
  • High in B6 & B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Also contains amino acids, Siberian Ginseng and Yerba Mate to invigorate the body
  • Free from sugar and fat
Price from
£16.99 £15.29

Little Dragon Extreme Pre Workout

4.8491620111732   358 Reviews
  • With 3g of creatine to boost high-intensity exercise performance
  • High in B6 & B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Also contains caffeine, beta alanine and other amino acids for the ultimate formula
  • Informed Sport certified
Price from
£16.99 £15.29

VitaPaws Complete for Dogs

4.8354525056096   1,337 Reviews

An advanced multi-nutrient supplement that has been expertly formulated with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support the health of your dog.


VitaPaws Complete for Large Breed Dogs

4.8397997496871   1,598 Reviews

This advanced multi-nutrient supplement provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and has been expertly formulated to meet the needs of larger breeds.


Canine Q10

4.8395061728395   1,215 Reviews

Co-Enzyme Q10 is needed for the proper utilisation of food energy and is also popularly chosen to support cardiovascular function in dogs.


VitaPaws Complete for Cats

4.8419301164725   1,803 Reviews

An expertly formulated multi-nutrient supplement that provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help cats meet their unique set of nutritional needs.


DigestiAid Plus for Dogs

4.8362346872985   1,551 Reviews

A potent combination of friendly probiotic bacteria, prebiotics to support healthy gut flora, and both fibre and digestive enzymes for normal digestive function. 


DigestiAid Plus for Cats

4.8344549125168   1,486 Reviews

Combines friendly bacteria with beneficial fibre and digestive enzymes to provide advanced and comprehensive support to the maintenance of digestive health.


Cod Liver Oil for Cats 550mg

4.8445297504798   1,042 Reviews

This carefully designed supplement provides significant levels of essential fatty acids in each capsule to offer support to the health of your cat.


Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin C for Cats

4.8395721925134   1,122 Reviews

This exclusive combination of nutrients has been developed to support the joint health of cats.


VitaPaws Complete for Active Dogs

4.8490566037736   1,908 Reviews

This premium quality multi-nutrient has been formulated to meet the needs of dogs who exercise at an intensity or duration that is higher than that of the average canine.


EyeWell Plus for Dogs

4.8378033205619   1,566 Reviews

Formulated with a unique blend of active ingredients that are known to support eye structure and function in dogs.


Evening Primrose Oil for Cats 500mg

4.8371150729335   1,234 Reviews

A rich source of GLA, which is understood to help maintain the health of the skin and coat.


Maxi-Joint Plus 500mg for Cats

4.8429661941112   1,834 Reviews

Maxi Joint Plus 500mg for Cats has been expertly formulated to support the structure and function of a cat’s joints, helping to maintain your pet’s mobility and quality of life. 


Taurine for Cats 250mg

4.8569711538462   832 Reviews

A convenient method for helping your cat meet their requirements of this essential amino acid, which has roles in the maintenance of eye and heart health.


Pet Calm Formula for Cats

4.8563218390805   870 Reviews

A premium quality complex of herbs and nutrients that have been expertly developed to support the mood of your cat.


VitaMind for Dogs

4.8373161764706   1,088 Reviews

This comprehensive formula provides a range of active ingredients and supports a dog's overall nutrition plan during work or training.


Advanced Coat and Skin for Cats

4.8485804416404   1,902 Reviews

An innovative all-in-one product that has been developed to support the health and appearance of a cat's coat and skin.


Joint Aid Plus for Cats

4.839243498818   1,692 Reviews

Comprehensive nutritional supplement that has been specifically developed to support a cat's health.


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