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Purer Supplements By Design

Here at Simply Supplements, we're constantly looking for ways to stay at the forefront of supplement science.

We're thrilled to reveal the next evolution in our supplement range - the removal of titanium dioxide.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

  • A colouring agent

  • Traditionally used by most supplement manufacturers

  • Authorised for use by the European Safety Authority

Why is Titanium Dioxide Used?

  • Provides a white, shiny, uniform appearance

  • Often used to coat tablets & capsules

  • Can mask natural, yet perfectly safe, changes in colour

Purity By Design

We believe that purer supplements are better supplements. That's why we've decided to remove titanium dioxide from our entire range going forward.

What Differences Will I Notice?

When swapping to a titanium dioxide-free supplement you may notice that your capsules or tablets:

  • Appear a slightly different colour to usual
  • May change colour subtly over time
These changes, which are most obvious in glucosamine supplements, are perfectly natural and normal. They occur when supplements react with oxygen in a process known as "oxidation".

What Hasn't Changed?

The only difference you're likely to notice is an aesthetic one. All of the following should remain exactly the same as before:

Nutritional Benefit
Product Safety
Shelf Life