It is not uncommon to suffer from sleep problems from time to time. Many of us have nights where we struggle to fall asleep, wake up during the night, or have dreams that disturb our sleep. On an irregular basis, these shouldn’t have any long term health implications. However, persistent sleeping problems can have serious underlying causes that disrupt the quality of day to day life. Insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea, and restless leg syndrome, are just a few of the common sleeping problems that millions of us face on a nightly basis. In fact it is estimated that over 25% of adults in the UK suffer from serious sleep disorders. Other factors that affect our internal body clock, also known as the circadian rhythm, can disrupt our sleeping patterns, such as jet lag and shift work. Luckily, there are many sleeping tips and tricks that can help you to enjoy a peaceful and restful night, alongside popular herbal remedies such as Valerian and 5htp. We hope that these self-help guides will help you to learn more about the common sleep disorders that keep you awake at night and how you can overcome them. Soon you’ll be Zzzzz’ding the night away.

What Are the Best Insomnia Supplements?

With insomnia affecting many of us, we look into a range of the best supplements to help you fall asleep soundly.

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Best Supplements for Tiredness

Do you struggle to drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Do you feel fuzzy-headed during the day, or find that tiredness affects...

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Why Do I Jump in My Sleep?

Have you ever bolted awake by an unnerving sensation of falling? Here, we look at the common causes of hypnic jerks and consider an...

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Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

If you're tired of lying awake at night then the best place to start is your diet. Find out whether you should eat or avoid the following...

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How to Reduce Snoring: Causes and Solutions

Snoring is a common problem that affects many people in the UK. Try these tips on how to prevent snoring and improve your night's...

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