Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important as excess weight and obesity significantly increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Unfortunately, common habits to eat on-the-go, at our desks or in front of the tv mean that many of us eat too much food without even realising it. If, like us, you have struggled to lose weight without feeling hungry or cranky, it may be that your chosen diet didn’t suit your needs. Traditional diets which mark certain foods as ‘off limits’ often don’t work long-term. Instead, it can be much more effective (and healthier) to focus on eating a balanced diet, increasing activity levels, and developing a healthy relationship with food. There are ways to reach your weight loss goals without feeling hungry or bored. Remember to keep it simple. A common weight loss mistake is to over complicate diets and make them difficult to follow and sustain. Here you will find expert advice and weight loss resources to help you avoid common dieting pitfalls and achieve lasting weight loss success.

Leptin – The Weight Loss Hormone

Leptin is often referred to as the 'weight loss hormone' due to its ability to regulate hunger and energy levels. Find out more about...

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