Women And Health

Women face different health issues at different stages of life, some of which are specific to women, such as PMS, menopause and breast cancer, and others which tend to affect women more than men, such as bladder infections and osteoporosis. Fortunately, many of the symptoms commonly associated with these conditions can be relieved with simple changes to diet and lifestyle. Early diagnosis and intervention is also important so it’s essential women are aware of potential signs to detect problems early on. Our articles are full of expert health tips for women of all ages to help you shape up, stay fit and ward off certain issues.

Understanding PCOS and Fatigue

There’s one symptom of PCOS that many will point to as having a massive impact on their daily life: fatigue and a lack of energy....

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Does Saw Palmetto Help PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome is surprisingly common amongst women. Saw palmetto may be able support the body, but how exactly does it...

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Benefits of Yoga for Women

Yoga has been cited as one of the best forms of exercise a person can do. For women, there are a few unique benefits that may make...

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How Red Clover Isoflavones Affect the Menopause

Red Clovers have long been used in medicine to solve a wide range of issues, but the isoflavones within it are particularly special....

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Benefits of Soya Isoflavones for Menopause...

It has long been noted that individuals in the East, where soya and soya-based foods like tofu are common dietary constituents, tend...

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Do Supplements For Menopause Work?

Do supplements for menopause work? We examine the scientific evidence behind some of Europe's leading natural menopause remedies.

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9 Fixes For A Weak Bladder

<span>While there is no known cure for a weak bladder, there are lifestyle changes and exercises you can do to strengthen the pelvic...

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Starflower Oil Benefits For Women's Health

Starflower oil benefits women's health in several ways thanks to its role as a hormone regulator. Find out how starflower oil can...

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5 Natural Remedies For Hot Flushes

Hot flushes and night sweats are extremely common during menopause and can be extremely distressing. Here are five proven natural...

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