We all need food to fuel our bodies but sometimes the foods we eat can play havoc with our digestion. Bloating, constipation and heartburn are just a few of the common side effects of feeding our taste buds instead of our digestive system, which around 1 in 4 of us suffer from on a daily basis. Fortunately, the remedy for many of these diet-based digestive grumbles is fairly straightforward – make simple changes to the daily diet and activity levels. However, when the cause is not lifestyle related it can be much harder to treat. The triggers for inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis are not yet fully understood, so finding an effective treatment can differ from person to person. Food intolerances such as dairy and gluten can also be problematic. However, there are still effective steps you can take to relieve symptoms. Paying attention to your digestive system and making a few simple changes should help to keep things running smoothly. However, if you’re experiencing discomfort and struggling to encourage regular bowel movements, use these informative guides to help get your digestive system running at its best.

The Low FODMAP Diet Explained

Find out what nutritionist Alex Rood has to say about the FODMAP diet and how it could work for you!

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Coeliac Diet Cheat Sheet

This handy Coeliac Diet Cheat Sheet details which foods can be eaten as part of a gluten free diet, and which foods should be avoided....

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Acid Reflux Causes & Remedies

There are a whole host of different home remedies that you can try for your acid reflux. Experiment with the various options until...

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Avoiding Calcium Deficiencies on a Lactose...

People consuming a lactose intolerant diet often need to cut down on dairy foods, reducing their intake of calcium and vitamin D....

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How to Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

Don't take your digestive system for granted. Learn how to keep your digestive system healthy with these simple do's and don'ts.

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21 Steps to Improve Digestion

Many common digestive problems can be relieved with simple lifestyle and dietary changes. Here are our top tips to improve digestion....

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