Detoxing is all about promoting good health from the inside out. Over time, contaminants and toxins can build up in the body causing it to become overwhelmed and sluggish - energy level drop, skin becomes dull and blemished, and weight can start to creep up. A healthy detox regime helps to rid the body of toxins so that it can direct its energies towards important daily functions, instead of wasting time removing toxins from pollutants, foods and cosmetics. The evidence supporting the effectiveness of detox diets is somewhat contradictory and they can be dangerous when done irresponsibly. However, many experts believe that when done sensibly detox diets help the liver, kidneys and colon to purge themselves of toxins, which can strengthen the immune system, boost energy levels, clear skin and kick start weight loss. There are many different detox diets out there to choose from, but most involve cutting out sugar and processed food for short-periods of time to help the body flush out excess toxins and waste. Browse through our expert health articles for tips and advice to help you learn how to detox safely and healthily.

How to Cleanse Your Body in 5 Simple Steps

Looking to start a body cleanse? Follow our 5 simple steps to removing toxins from your body, which may help to uplift energy levels...

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Milk Thistle for Liver Detox – Fact or Fad?

Milk thistle is often the go-to remedy for liver detox. But is this popular herb simply a fad? We look at the evidence behind milk...

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3 Day Detox Diet

In need of a detox after the weekend? Try our 3 Day Detox Diet and get your system back in sync! With simple juice recipes.

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6 Signs You Need to Cleanse Your Colon

We look at six of the most common signs of colon problems, and the most effective way to treat them with a natural, detoxing colon...

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