How to Cleanse Your Body in 5 Simple Steps

How to Cleanse Your Body in 5 Simple Steps
Supporting your body's natural cleansing processes can help to enhance and promote your overall health and wellbeing. Factors like bad diets, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyles, injury and other medical conditions can often mean that the things you really don't want prodding around your body, unfortunately, get in and start to negatively impact your health.
Despite the best efforts of your body's many functions and defence systems, potentially harmful toxins, chemicals and bacteria can often make their way into your body where they may be able to cause serious harm.

What Is Detoxing?

Detoxing is the action or process you take to flush out and purge the build-up of harmful contaminants in your body. Detoxing has become increasingly popular as cultural lifestyle norms shift and manufacturers continue to add preservatives, colourings and other chemicals to processed foods. These all need to be eliminated from your body.
Detoxification can often be a fantastic way of promoting a lot of different areas of your health, because of the many systems and organs that directly benefit from a healthy detox. The build-up of toxins can accumulate in all different areas of your body, so a thorough body cleanse is of paramount importance.
There is a great deal of debate as to what the best ways to detox your body are. We, however, have decided to create a list containing some of the easier options that may be able to provide fast and effective detoxification benefits. Here is a five-step guide how you can help to cleanse your body today.

1. Eat Bitter Foods

Bitter food caters directly to the liver, which is an incredibly important organ that plays a pivotal role in the detoxification of your body. The liver is responsible for the production of bile, which is used to help aid the breakdown of complex chemicals you intake through your diet. If the liver is not working at its best, it is highly likely that toxins, bacteria and other harmful compounds may not be removed from the digestive system sufficiently.
The liver is stimulated by bitter foods, and by increasing the amount of bitterness in your diet you may be able to promote the production of bile, improving your digestion. Bitter foods like dandelion greens, saffron and bitter melon are just some of the things you can substitute into your diet to help your liver.
When you are detoxing, bitter foods can often help reduce food cravings for sweeter foods which contain high concentrations of fructose and carbohydrates. These two compounds may reduce or halt your body's metabolism, increasing the rate in which fat is built up and stored in your body. When additional fat is stored, toxins are more likely to be built-up as well. By removing these cravings, your blood sugar levels are more likely to remain stable, instead of fluctuating with the schedule of your daily eating patterns. When these blood sugar changes are regulated, the liver can work consistently to help purge nasty toxins and bacteria from your body.
One great bitter food we wholeheartedly recommend is kale. Kale contains great levels of different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, as well as calcium and magnesium. However, it is the sulphur and soluble fibres in kale that makes the vegetable such a fantastic detoxing tool. Fibre absorbs waste nutrients and compounds to form healthy stools, and it will work throughout the digestive system to absorb harmful toxins that are trying to get into the bloodstream.
By ensuring you are receiving regular, high-quality amounts of soluble fibres and sulphur, you can help to ensure that your entire digestive system is kept readily healthy and protected. This may avoid large build-ups of potentially harmful toxins from getting into your body.

2. Consume More Hot Drinks

By ingesting hot drinks like herbal teas regularly, you can help to aid the detoxification of your body consistently throughout the day. By substituting the more unhealthy drinks you may be consuming for herbal teas, you can help to stimulate your liver just like we mentioned earlier with bitter foods. With improved liver function, your digestive system is going to be better equipped at removing large quantities of harmful toxins before they are able to enter the bloodstream.
Herbal teas such as fennel, mint, dandelion and green contain a great range of vitamins and minerals that can help to further complement your health whilst also working to purge toxins. We recommend green tea, due to its accessibility and refreshing taste. Green tea can also be found in supplement form, where the potential body cleansing benefits may be enjoyed through the intake of a daily capsule.
Herbal tea is believed to work as a diuretic, increasing the rate and frequency you have to urinate. Urine is a waste product, and the more you remove from your body, the more contaminants you remove as well. Medical experts believe that dandelion tea, in particular, can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body, as well support the function of the gallbladder and kidneys.

3. Sleep

Your body naturally detoxifies itself every time you go to sleep. When you're asleep, your body remains in a state that encourages the liver to work effectively throughout the night to remove toxins and contaminants from your body using blood sugar. Enjoy a good nutritious breakfast in the morning, such as whole grain cereals, porridge, fruit and smoothies to help support your digestive system throughout the day with a variety of healthy vitamins and minerals.
One way of helping to cleanse and detox your body easily is to ensure that you receive an adequate amount of sleep each night. Eight hours is the usual amount of sleep you need each night to help your body remain optimal, but this can vary from person to person depending on your individual requirements. Detoxing can take a lot out of you and more sleep may be required due to the extra effort that is used to purge toxins and cleanse your body.
Be sure that when you get a good night's sleep you also wake up early in the morning to go to the bathroom. This ensures that your waste disposal is efficient, instead of waste remaining inside your body for too long. If you don't go to the bathroom soon after sleeping some of the toxins in your waste could be reabsorbed back into your body. By adhering to a strict sleeping regiment, you can help to avoid issues of this nature, promoting a more thorough body cleanse.
There are a lot of different ways you can help to induce a deeper sleep that is also free from interruption. If you're a light sleeper, try:
  • Wearing a sleep mask to prevent light from waking you up.
  • Making sure that the temperature of the room you sleep in is kept moderate to avoid body temperature changes from waking you.
  • Bathing before going to bed. It may help to induce a much better snooze, as the decreasing body temperature can lead to a deeper sleep.
  • Enjoy a hot drink like green tea before you going to sleep. Not only does your body benefit from the great range of different vitamins and minerals, but the change in body temperature may help to influence a deeper sleep similar to the effects of bathing before sleeping.

exfoliate your skin4. Exfoliate Your Body

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and acts as the first major line of defence to protect your body from harmful toxins. Due to the importance of the skin, it's vital to keep it in tip-top condition with a good cleaning regime that involves exfoliation and scrubbing to help cleanse your body.
Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and waste products from the metabolic reaction that takes place in every cell in your body. All cells need energy to survive, and the reaction of creating energy generates waste products. This waste from skin cells is often left on the surface of the skin alongside every other toxin you might experience in your day to day lives, like smog, car fumes and dirty work surfaces. Cleansing your body with a good thorough scrub can help remove these toxins and detoxify effectively.
To help further promote these efforts, you can pair your exfoliating habits with natural, organic soaps and an extensive bathing routine to help maximise the detoxification and body cleanse you receive. Probiotic soaps are a very popular detox tool; due to the work ‘good' bacteria within the soap provides to counterbalance the effects of ‘bad' bacteria that may be causing harm.
Similarly, sweating is also a regular part of a good exfoliating treatment. Sweating through means like physical exercise, temperature controlled rooms like saunas and steam rooms, or bathing can cause toxins and contaminants to rise to the surface of the skin. Exfoliating and scrubbing your body soon afterwards helps to cleanse the skin, removing many toxins built up in this way.

5. Supplements

Supplements make for an extremely easy way of helping to support body cleansing efforts. Detoxing can require a lot of commitment and supplements offer a convenient way of providing a great range of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals that may help to remove toxins. Whether taken at home, at work or on-the-go, dietary supplements like green tea extract and aloe vera can often time promote healthy digestion and body cleansing using high-quality ingredients that cater to detoxification.
We recommend Green Tea Extract supplements if you are looking to help provide your body with a thorough, comprehensive cleanse which is supported by nutritional supplements. Like we mentioned earlier, herbal teas provide a great range of beneficial ingredients that may help promote liver function and the removal of toxins. All of these benefits may be enjoyed through the ingestion of a single, high strength capsule.
Green tea extract has a high flavonoid content, which is believed to help maintain cells that line the blood vessels in your body like arteries and veins. In doing this, green tea extract can help promote and enrich your circulation, improving the movement of healthy nutrients around the body to combat the effects toxins can have. Similarly, by improving circulation you may be able to increase the rate in which toxins are cleansed from your body.
Supplements like green tea extract contain a particular flavonoid called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a known antioxidant. Antioxidants are an essential piece of any detoxing treatment because the damage free radical molecules can do to your cells can be incredibly detrimental. Free radicals damage cells by stealing electrons in a process called oxidation. Oxidation can kill cells, which in turn may influence the build-up of harmful toxins in your body. By increasing your intake of flavonoids through green tea extract, you may be able to help support your body in combating this damage.
Alongside a healthy diet and prudent lifestyle, supplements can also have a role to play in the context of an overall detox plan. There's a great range of different body cleansing support supplements that cater for different nutritional requirements and needs, so be sure to take a look and find the best one for you and your health today. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend getting an experts opinion from your local pharmacist or GP before adding supplements to your body cleansing treatment.

Determination Is the Key to Detoxing

Body cleansing is all about promoting your overall health whilst at the same time making you feel better. Everyone needs a good detox at some point because if toxins are left to fester in your body, you may find yourself becoming sluggish and lethargic.
Body cleansing can help to relieve stress, improve your mood and support your overall health and wellbeing. However, if you don't maintain this state of internal cleanliness, you may find that toxins and other potentially harmful bacteria will slowly build back up again. Be sure to commit to a detox treatment that best suits you and continue to live a healthy lifestyle, complete with a well-balanced diet, to help prolong the benefits into the future.
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