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Blood Glucose Test - SELFCheck

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Blood glucose levels naturally rise and fall throughout the day in response to the consumption of food and the impact of insulin among other factors. However, it is when blood sugar levels operate outside this normal range that problems may be experienced. In extreme cases, excessive blood sugar levels may indicate the presence, or likelihood of developing, diabetes.

Undiagnosed Blood Glucose Concerns 

According to Diabetes UK, roughly 850,000 people are unknowingly living with type 2 diabetes today. Symptoms can vary from one individual to another but may include fatigue, excessive thirst and unexplained weight changes. 

Individuals over 40 years of age, those with a large waist or a high cholesterol level are at particular risk of blood glucose problems. 

Fortunately, the sooner any issues are identified, the easier they typically are to resolve. On the other hand, if you’re concerned that you may be a pre-diabetic but test negative then you know you can rest easier.  

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Results from the Comfort of Your Own Home

What could be better than testing your own blood glucose from the comfort of your own home? No more frustration trying to book a medical appointment. No waiting around for a result. Instead, with this blood glucose home test kit from SELFCheck you can experience reliable, easy-to-read results in only 5 minutes. 

The Science Behind the Test 

Using the blood glucose home test kit couldn’t be simpler. All it takes is a drop or two of blood from your finger. Simply dab this blood onto the included test strip, wait five minutes, then compare it with the included colour chart to get your results. Just as importantly, once your test is complete all the equipment can be safely disposed of in your household waste. 

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  • Checks if blood sugar is within normal limits
  • Simple home-based test kit
  • Reliable results in only 5 minutes
  • Pack contains 2 tests

Type of test: Finger prick

Number of tests per box: 2

For best results the test should be carried out on an empty stomach and you should not have had anything to eat or drink for a period of 12 hours before carrying out the test. For more accurate results take the test first thing in the morning. It would be helpful to interpret the test results in a good light source in order to interpret the colour variations better.

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Blood Glucose Test - SELFCheck