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Thyroid (TSH) Test - SELFCheck

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An underactive thyroid can have so many physical symptoms, from unexplained weight gain to feelings of lethargy and an inability to warm up. Sadder yet, thyroid issues are surprisingly common, especially among women. However now it’s easier than ever to check your thyroid health, thanks to this simple-to-use home test kit. 

Results from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many of us believe deep down that we may be suffering from thyroid problems. Getting a proper diagnosis, however, isn’t always easy. This thyroid home test kit removes all the inconvenience in one go. 

All it takes is one drop of blood from your finger - easy with the included lancet. Place the sample into the test strip, wait just 10 minutes and read off the result. 

This thyroid home test kit is therefore perfect for anyone leading a busy life and struggling to find the time to visit their doctor, or people who would rather do a test in the privacy and seclusion of their own home.

After completing the test, all the equipment can simply be disposed of safely in your household waste - there’s no need to take it to the hospital for incineration. 

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The Science Behind the Test 

This thyroid home test kit measures levels of a hormone known as “thyroid stimulating hormone”. As the name suggests, TSH controls the activity level of your thyroid. In cases where your thyroid is underactive, typically levels of TSH in the blood are much higher. This is because the pituitary gland in the brain that produces it is working extra hard, after noticing that the messages they’re sending don’t seem to be having the required effect. 

The test is therefore quite clear and easy to assess with a home test kit, and this particular kit has been specially chosen as it is so simple to interpret the results in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Tests for an underactive thyroid
  • CE certified for peace of mind
  • Simple home-based self test
  • Reliable results in 10 minutes

Type of test: Finger prick

Number of tests per box: 1

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Thyroid (TSH) Test - SELFCheck