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Brain Function Supplements for Cats

An adequate supply of essential nutrients is just as important to the health of cat’s brain as it is to that of a person. As cats get older, a decline in cognitive function may show itself as confusion or a tendency to be less sociable. The VitaPawsTM range of cat supplements includes a number of specially formulated products that can help support the cognitive function of your feline friend.

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VitaPaws Complete for Cats

4 2,004 Reviews

An expertly formulated multi-nutrient supplement that provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help cats meet their unique set of nutritional needs.


Meet Lauren,
our Animal Nutritionist

In order to ensure that the formulations used in our products are consistent with the latest research, our team of nutrition experts worked closely with animal nutritionist, Lauren Samet.
Meet Lauren
 0800 988 0292

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