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Dog Food

Although we are best-known for our range of unique pet supplements, we are now proud to stock a variety of premium-quality dog foods that are packed with nutrients. It is surprising how many well-known dog foods use inferior quality nutrients, such as bulking agents like cheap grains that can often disagree with your dog’s digestive system.

As there are almost 9 million pet dogs in the UK, we are sure there are many owners looking to source superior food to better support their dog’s health.  In this category you will find complete foods for all dogs, be it younger dogs of a small breed or adult dogs of a larger breed. We also stock food for senior dogs and lighter alternatives, as well as treats that are great for dental health and digestive comfort.

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Itch-Eeze Adult Dog Food - Salmon with Trout

4 10 Reviews

A premium quality adult dog food which contains a 45% fish from a combination of salmon and trout

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Adult Dog Food - Duck & Potato

4 7 Reviews

Super-premium adult dog food with omega 3 in a luxurious duck and potato kibble.

Price from 

Large Breed Adult Dog Food - Chicken & Rice

5 11 Reviews

Containing 37% chicken this super premium dog food is packed with nutrients and is naturally hypoallergenic.


Senior/Light Dog Food - Fish & Rice

4 12 Reviews

A premium quality light food which has been specially designed with the requirements of a senior dog in mind.

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Small Breed Adult Dog Food - Chicken & Rice

4 15 Reviews

Containing 29% chicken, this super premium dog food is nutritious, easy on the stomach and naturally hypoallergenic.

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Meet Lauren
Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren

Our Animal Nutritionist

In order to ensure that the formulations used in our products are consistent with the latest research, our team of nutrition experts worked closely with animal nutritionist, Lauren Samet.

 0800 988 0292

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