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Pet Treats

Oral hygiene and digestive health are concerns that many pet owners have about their cat or dog and for this reason we have developed these tasty functional treats that your pet will love whilst seeing a benefit to their health.

Our DentaSupport treat contains 60% turkey meat as well as peppermint for fresh breath, green tea extract for bacterial control and activated charcoal to help keep teeth clean and shiny. Also of high-quality is our DigestiSupport treat which is over 60% duck and chicken while also providing friendly bacteria, prebiotic fibre and soothing botanicals such as lavender and chamomile.

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DentaSupport Treats

4 6 Reviews

A complementary treat that doesn’t just taste great but is also designed to support good oral hygiene in cats and dogs.


DigestiSupport Treats

4 7 Reviews

Super-premium treats for cats and dogs that are formulated to support optimal digestive health.

Meet Lauren
Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren

Our Animal Nutritionist

In order to ensure that the formulations used in our products are consistent with the latest research, our team of nutrition experts worked closely with animal nutritionist, Lauren Samet.

 0800 988 0292

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