Top Supplements for Winter Health

Top Supplements for Winter Health

Winter can be tough on your health. From the lack of sunlight, to the cold weather, through to the many different viruses doing their rounds, it seems that we're all at greater risk of illness in wintertime. But things don't have to be like that…

A range of different supplements are available to help deal with your winter ills. Now is the time to stock up, ensuring that your body has all the support it needs. In doing so you'll stand the very best chance of staying fit and healthy this season.

Before you know it the daffodils will be breaking through the soil, beckoning the bright spring sunshine, while you wonder what all the fuss was about.

If you're concerned about your health and want to enjoy this winter to the maximum then read on for some of our top supplement recommendations…

Supplements for Sore & Aching Joints

The cold, damp weather can play havoc on joints. While the impact tends to be most serious for arthritis sufferers, all of us may suffer from feelings of stiffness or discomfort on occasion. Luckily joint supplements are some of the best-researched of all, and here at Simply Supplements we offer one of the widest ranges on the market. Here are some of the options to consider…


Glucosamine is possibly the best-known joint supplement of all. Studies suggest that glucosamine sulphate helps to support the synthesis of joint tissue and reduces the loss of cartilage associated with arthritis. Some experts also believe that it can stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid - a vital component which acts like a “shock absorber” and helps to cushion joints. As a result, it may be particularly beneficial for people relying on pain killers to alleviate their symptoms.


Chondroitin is considered a “perfect partner” for glucosamine, as many experts believe that they work together synergistically to improve the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain. For example, one of the biggest studies ever conducted on chondroitin pointed out those patients taking it “have a statistically significant improvement in knee joint swelling”.


Rosehip is an interesting supplement because, while it has been used as a herbal remedy to treat joint pain for many years, only recently have scientists begun to verify these claims. The evidence suggests that rosehips may represent a safe and natural way to reduce joint inflammation, thereby improving pain and stiffness.

Supplements for the Common Cold

Getting struck down with the common cold isn't nice at any time of year, but it is even worse when the festive season is upon us. Fortunately there are a number of supplements which are believed to help support a healthy immune system and keep viruses at bay.

Vitamin C

An interesting experiment provided volunteers either with a daily vitamin C tablet or a placebo, then asked them to keep records of illness. The findings showed that the individuals taking vitamin C supplements were statistically less likely to get ill, and even in cases where they did get sick they experienced 30% fewer days of disability.

Another analysis found evidence that people taking vitamin C also see a 23% reduction in symptom severity if they are struck down with a cold.

All told, it seems little surprise why vitamin C has become “the” supplement for fighting off infections.


Zinc may be rather less well-known that vitamin C for fighting colds, but the evidence is surprisingly positive. Rigorous studies have suggested that zinc supplements lessen both the duration and severity of colds when dosing starts within 24 hours of symptoms arising. Keep some in your cupboard ready just in case.


Echinacea is a purple coneflower native to North America, and the leaves, flowers and root were used as a traditional herbal remedy by the Native Americans after they saw sick or wounded elk seeking out the plants to eat. It is a natural immune system booster, and research suggests it can help fight off coughs and colds. Many people take the supplement to prevent catching these bugs, and also to help the body recover faster from them.

Supplements for Dry Skin

Winter is the season for dry skin and brittle hair, as the combination of cold outdoor temperatures with hot centrally heated homes draw moisture out of our bodies. Fortunately, it seems that omega 3 oils may help to alleviate symptoms of dry, itchy or flaky skin.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is one of the world's most popular supplements, as the polyunsaturated fatty acids it contains is believed to help with a range of health conditions. For example, researchers suggest that it may help to reduce inflammation in the body and so may help to support a healthy circulatory system.

Of just as much interest during the winter months, however, are the studies in which participants suffering from dry skin reported improvements within weeks of starting to take cod liver oil tablets.

Starflower Oil

Starflower oil, which is extracted from the borage plant, is a vegetarian-friendly alternative to cod liver oil. Starflower oil is slightly different to cod liver oil as it is richer in gamma linoleic acid (GLA) yet both are believed to help dry skin.

Both these supplements seem to help replenish lost oils from the skin, creating an impermeable barrier that prevents water loss and keeps skin looking soft and supple. It is also worth noting that studies have even suggested that supplementing with omega 3 oils may even help to improve the appearance of wrinkles that otherwise worsen with dry skin.

Supplements for Indigestion

Let's be honest; a very important part of Christmas for many of us is the feasting. That, sadly, can have negative impacts on your digestion, leading to bloating, gas or feelings of discomfort. Here, too, supplements may play a part in getting back to your old self.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has a long history in calming upset stomachs, having been used by the ancient Romans. Today milk thistle is still popular, but can be bought in a handy supplement form. It is believed that the active ingredients in the plant help to soothe and calm the digestive tract, making you feel more comfortable after a big meal.


Your gut contains a rich soup of helpful bacteria, which have a role in the proper digestion of food. Sometimes, however, these bacterial colonies can become unbalanced and need a little help. Probiotics are particularly popular among those individuals who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as they seem to lessen problems of diarrhoea and discomfort.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has millions of microscopic pores which are thought to absorb toxins from the body. It is believed that purified activated charcoal in supplement form may help to absorb the gases and acids that otherwise lead to symptoms of indigestion.

Supplements for Stress & Tiredness

Winter naturally makes many of us feel tired and lethargic. It is believed that part of this impact may be down to shorter days and weaker sunlight. Alongside this, of course, there is often more socialising that goes on around Christmas, which can impact normal sleep patterns. A number of supplements are believed to help here too…

Vitamin D

Scientists believe that during the winter months we're unable to synthesis enough vitamin D in our skin, thanks to the low levels of sunlight we experience. For this reason, the British government recommends that we all supplement with vitamin D during wintertime.

Vitamin D plays a number of roles in the body. For example it helps us to maintain strong, healthy bones; ideal if we happen to slip over on the ice. Just as importantly, however, vitamin D is also one of the recommended solutions to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which produces feelings of tiredness and lethargy during the winter. If you haven't been feeling quite yourself recently then you might want to consider seeing whether a vitamin D supplement helps.


Magnesium has a huge number of roles in the body, but just one of those is the impact it has on healthy metabolism. In short, magnesium is important for helping us turn the food that we eat into usable energy. A magnesium deficiency may therefore lead to feelings of tiredness, even on a healthy diet.

Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng is also known as Panax ginseng, and is extracted from the Panax root, which has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It has a fast-acting, stimulating effect, helpful for dwindling energy levels and fatigue in winter. Some experts also suggest that taking a Korean Ginseng supplement could help to improve mental function and reduce stress.


As we have seen, whilst many of us get ill during the winter there are lots of things we can do to support a healthy immune system. So don't fear the cold weather; embrace it. Stock up on the supplements you need and get ready for your best winter yet.

Winter can be tough on your body, but what should you take to stay in the best of health? Discover the best winter supplements to keep you going during the cold months ahead.