Funny Menopause Memes

Funny Menopause Memes

The menopause can be a challenging and difficult time for many women and although the severity of symptoms can vary significantly, hot flushes and memory lapses are extremely common concerns.

For some quick and simple tips to help relieve your symptoms read our `5 natural remedies for hot flushes` article which provides some great insight into natural remedies for menopause.

A few of our office colleagues who are going through menopause have joined together to take a light-hearted look at the funnier sides of menopause with a collection of their favourite funny menopause pictures and quotes. We hope you enjoy!

Graphic of a cartoon woman making a joke about menopuse

Image of a tired monkey meme

A graphic of a lady sitting on a sofa

Image of a squirrel balancing on a beam

Cartoon graphic of a women standing in a fridge

Graphic of a women writing in her diary

A graphic showing a cartoon woman

Positive mental attitude graphic Which are your favourite menopause quotes and pictures?